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François Royer Cloud, data and AI architect for small and large organizations in retail, logistics, aerospace & defence.

Google unveils new enterprise strategy, hybrid cloud tools and industry specific solutions at Cloud Summit Paris

The Paris Cloud Summit was the occasion for Google to deliver a few strong messages, with no less than Thomas Kurian on stage to tell everyone, including partners and integrators, how much Google has changed.

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Key messages

  • Google is now asking for trust. Trust to deliver enterprise-ready solutions, trust to handle private and personal data, trust to not hand it over to the US regulator, trust to be GDPR compliant...
  • Google's offering is slowly percolating upward in the value chain. The cloud provider behemoth is now seeking to offer industry specific solutions, from healthcare AI to customer satisfaction monitoring,
  • Platforms, runtime, orchestration engines have become a commodity, with costs going down relentlessly,
  • The cloud abstraction strategy, started with Kubernetes more than 5 years ago, has culminated with Anthos, Google's offering for hybrid cloud deployments,
  • Knowing the "why" of your orgnization's digital transformation has become even more crucial, despite the abundance of tools - your competitors have access to the same capabilities, and might not wait for you to catch up.